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Dronebuster® Successful in MIL-STD-464 Certification

Portland, OR: The Dronebuster® Block 3, Block 4, and Block 4 – SNA successfully completed their 3rd party safety certification test to MIL-STD-464 for Hazardous of Emissions of Radiation to Personnel (HERP), Fuel (HERF), and Ordinance (HERO).  The Dronebuster Block 3 has been certified safe against these test methods by multiple labs over the years with the Dronebuster Block 4 and Block 4 – SNA now having passed their first MIL-STD-464 certification tests. Additionally, the Dronebuster Block 4 products were tested and certified to meet IP55 ingress protection requirements, as well as the relevant temperatures, vibrational, and shock tests from MIL-STD-810.

“We are pleased but not surprised by the environmental testing results. The engineering team, lead by George Schwartz, continues to show that they can balance product effectiveness, mission utility, and environmental design requirements to provide warfighters and first responders with the best c‑UAS equipment in the world.” commented Greg Valentin. “Size, weight, effectiveness, durability, and brand trust are among the many reasons the Dronebuster products are the most widely sold and deployed hand-held c-UAS equipment within NATO and around the world.”

Flex Force’s Dronebuster Block 4 provides an advanced mitigation system against UAS (drones) and can be tailored for a wide variety of operations. While primarily used as a hand-held device, the Dronebuster can also easily be mounted onto a pan and tilt gimbal as well as integrated into a command and control (C2) system for remote operation.

Flex Force is headquartered in Portland, OR at the intersection of the tech corridor running from Seattle to Silicon Valley. Flex Force designs and manufactures advanced weapon systems for the modern warfighter. The company has a proven track record transitioning emerging new technologies into deployable, combat proven products that provide immediate tactical advantages. Core competencies include targeting, fire control, stabilization, electronic warfare, counter-drone technologies, robotics, and signal processing. The two flagship products, the ASP and the Dronebuster, provide the warfighter with significant overmatch capability. The ASP provides 10x improvement in accuracy for crew served weapons and has been purchased by the US Navy, US Army, and UK Navy. The Dronebuster is in use worldwide to defeat drone threats.