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The ASP combines the accuracy of a remote weapon station with the situational awareness and rapid target acquisition of a manual mount, creating the most effective small arms mount ever built. Radically increase operational effectiveness and decrease target acquisition time with ASP’s increased precision, increased lethality, and decreased Total Cost of Ownership. Can deliver 10X more rounds on target for a fraction of the cost of larger, more complex systems. The ASP is available in crew-served; crew and remote; and remote control only configurations for 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 12.7mm calibers.

ASP shown with optional Scope Package and Remote Kit


The ASP can be delivered with customized operator control stations or with Flex-Force’s standard controller/ display. The ASP can be operated in either crew-served or remote mode without a requirement to spend critical time making adjustments to the system configuration or settings. In the event of power failure or loss due to battle damage or other causes, the ASP can be operated in manual mode and functions just as a standard non-stabilized MK-93 mount would providing users with the ability to remain engaged in operations as required.

How to Buy

US Government

The ASP has been through multiple competitions and can be purchased through multiple contract vehicles.

  • As a Phase III SBIR.
  • As follow on production from an OTA demonstration.
  • And, the ASP is available on the GSA Advantage website in various configurations through contract number: 47QSWA18D007G. To locate the ASP on the GSA website, enter the following search terms in the search bar at the top of the page:
    • ASP, MMG
    • ASP, HMG

International Customers

Flex Force has an extensive network of highly capable and experienced partners around the world. To connect with your local partner, please contact us below and we will immediately connect you with your local representative.