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Clear Skies for First Responders

Unauthorized drones in the airspace prevent Firefighters and other First Responders from utilizing airborne assets when most needed

Protect First Responders and Save Lives

Firefighting and law enforcement efforts are often negatively impacted by drone operators flying over the area and preventing aircraft from delivering lifesaving support

Responsive Site Security

Prevent attacks, surveillance and smuggling around Bases, Critical Infrastructure, Strategic Assets and Prisons

On Demand Denial

From major installations to Forward Operating Bases, deliver responsive, handheld counter-drone performance with a combat-proven solution.

The ultimate Hand-Held Counter-UAS Solutions

The lightest, most capable solution available for on-demand, on the move drone defense.

Point. Pull Trigger. Protected.

Rapidly and effectively deny area access to unwanted airborne intrusions. Dronebuster does its job so you can do yours

Handheld Counter UAS

Combat Proven Drone Detection and Jamming in the palm of your hand

Facility Drone Defense Solutions

Combat Proven Drone Detection and Jamming in the palm of your hand

The Dronebuster Block 3 was improved again in 2022 to further increase mitigation capabilities against new and emerging drone threats. The Dronebuster Block 3 is in full rate production and available for immediate delivery.

For end users with near-term requirements for quick delivery of this combat-proven capability, please reach out to us.  The Dronebuster Block 3 remains easy to learn simple to use, highly effective, and the most widely deployed CUAS system in the world.

Dronebuster selected by the U.S. Department of Defense as the only handheld RF CUAS system authorized for purchase by the U.S. Department of Defense!


The ASP combines the accuracy of a remote weapon station with the situational awareness and rapid target acquisition of a manual mount, and can be configured to meet multiple mission needs.


The Dronebuster is a compact, light-weight, cost-effective CUAS tool that can defeat COTS drone threats. Multiple configurations are available to meet your mission needs, and all configurations are FCC approved.