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Solutions to protect those who protect us.

Who We Are

Flex Force, founded in 2010, is a business focused on transitioning promising new technologies in robotics, signal processing, and software into deployable products. We are proud to be building a company with employees and leaders that:

  • Listen to, support, trust, and help each other
  • Keep interactions honest, positive, and professional
  • Work collaboratively to achieve goals

What We Do

The mission of the Flex Force team is to build solutions that protect the men and women that protect us. Our core competencies include products that enable the warfighter to overmatch the enemy. We design and manufacture effective, affordable solutions that keep the deployed warfighter safe.

  • Overmatch the threat
  • Reduce operator burden
  • Enable efficient mission execution

Leadership Team


Greg Valentin

President & COO

  • Joined FFE in July 2017 
  • 20+ years of international and domestic management and engineering experience with FLIR Systems, Interpoint and Etec Systems 
  • MBA from the New York Institute of Technology and Master and B.S in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College

George Schwartz

VP Engineering

  • Joined FFE in August 2020 
  • 27+ years of product development leadership
  • Retired US Air Force Colonel leading aircraft and sensor development. Experience in aerospace systems, directing highly-classified projects with senior policy, intelligence, and acquisition officials across the DoD, agencies, and allies 
  • B.S in Applied Physics and M.S in electrical engineering from MIT, USAF Test Pilot School, Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow, and Congressional Fellow

Clay Wild

VP International Business Development

  • Joined FFE in August 2021 
  • 20+ years in business development concentrating on defense market entry for technologies with specific expertise in naval applications, unmanned systems, weapons systems, ISR and targeting systems and components 
  • Retired U.S Navy Captain, OIF/OEF veteran 
  • MBA from Temple University and B.S from the U.S Coast Guard Academy

Scott Crizer

VP US Business Development

  • Joined FFE in July 2023
  • 16+ years of defense industry business development experience 
  • MBA from George Washington University

Flex Force Enterprises LLC

Flex Force Enterprises, a High Point Aerotechnologies Company, designs and manufactures advanced weapon systems for the modern warfighter. We have a proven track record transforming emerging technologies into deployable, combat-proven products that provide immediate tactical advantages. Core competencies include counter-drone technologies, electronic warfare, stabilization, robotics, targeting, fire control, and signal processing. Our innovative products, the ASP Stabilized Weapon System and Dronebuster® provide warfighters with significant overmatch capability. The ASP provides 10x improvement in accuracy for crew-served weapons and has been purchased by the US Navy, US Army, UK Navy, and Australian SOF. The Dronebuster is deployed worldwide by the U.S., Coalition Forces, and numerous Foreign MOD’s for defeating terrorist drone threats.

High Point Aerotechnologies 

High Point Aerotechnologies is a global leader in counter-uncrewed autonomous systems (CUxS / CUAS) solution development across air, land, and maritime domains. Its innovative physical solutions and DefenseOS open architecture software environment enable operations at machine speed to detect, identify, track, and defeat UAS and other conventional and autonomous threats. High Point offers an array of integrated, interoperable solutions to provide fixed, mobile, and distributed C-UAS capabilities for civilian, military, and critical infrastructure clients. High Point has active C-UAS solution deployments in more than 15 countries worldwide. Learn more at