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Innovation From The Start

Since 2010, Flex Force has relentlessly innovated products and technologies to protect the men and women who protect us. Both the ASP gyro-stabilized weapons mount and the Dronebuster® handheld counter-drone electronic attack system offer industry leading technology and mission capability, protected by an ever-growing list of U.S. Patents.

From Day 1, we have pursued ambitious projects to stay ahead of threats. Today, we continue to innovate on the most widely deployed handheld CUAS system in the world. With global deployments and substantial production in place as a result of our move into a new, larger headquarters and production facility, 2024 looks to be our biggest and best year yet.


ASPPatent Number
Weapons Stabilization and Compensation System8322269
Stabilized Weapon Platform with Active Sense and Adaptive Motion Control9074847
Dual Remote Control and Crew-Served Weapon Station10890407
Weapon Platform Operable in Remote Control and Crew-Served Operating Modes11525649
Weapon mount with integrated manual and assisted targetingPENDING
Unmanned Aircraft System Detection, Identification, and Interdiction11097842
Method and System for Validating Access Keys for Unmanned Vehicle Interdiction Device11708161
GNSS Simulation to Disrupt Unmanned Vehicle Operation11054525
Operational Disruption of Vehicle Containing GNSS Receiver11698462
Other Patents
Firearm Threat Detection, Classification, and Location Using Wideband Radar8049659
Firearm Threat Detection, Classification, and Location Using Wideband Radar8610622