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The Dronebuster® is a compact, light-weight, cost-effective counter-drone tool to defeat commercial and recreational drone threats. The man-portable jammer system is frequently used by dismounted troops, security teams and first responders to use during fluid, ambiguous, fast-paced encounters but is readily mounted into integrated, fixed site jammer applications. In order to meet your mission needs, the Dronebuster is available in multiple product configurations. The Dronebuster is the only handheld electronic attack system authorized by the U.S. Department of Defense.

All-New Dronebuster® FS

The Dronebuster® FS (Fixed Site) is a compact, lightweight and cost-effective C-UAS system that detects and defeats commercial, off-the-shelf drone threats. It provides effective, affordable Electronic Attack and PNT Attack capability for mobile and fixed-site C-UAS systems. With an IP67 rating, the Dronebuster® FS is designed to be mounted and is remotely controlled as part of an integrated countermeasure system.

Dronebuster® – New and Improved

The new Dronebuster Block 4 is in full rate production. This version takes lessons learned from the Block 3 and Block 3B to address the evolving drone threats. The Dronebuster Block 4 is upgradeable, exportable, and available for immediate delivery in configurations including PNT Attack and Fixed Site mounting.

The Dronebuster Block 4 is environmentally qualified for radiation safety, ruggedness, and ingress protection and fully integratable into fixed-site and mobile solutions. The Block 4 has the unique option of upgradability to navigation spoofing which goes beyond merely jamming satellite navigation. The Dronebuster systems remain easy to learn, simple to use, highly effective, and the most widely deployed Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) in the world.

Dronebuster® - Available Configurations

The Dronebuster® is the only handheld electronic attack system authorized by the U.S. Department of Defense for mitigating commercial and recreational drone threats. Available as a handheld-only or as a mounted configuration, the Dronebuster is a flexible platform to meet your mission needs. The optional Satellite Navigation Attack (SNA) configuration allows the Dronebuster to take over the drone’s navigation controls.

Dronebuster® PNT Attack (SNA)

Dronebuster® Block 4

Dronebuster® FS (Fixed Site)

Dronebuster® Block 3


Safe for you. Not for Drones.

The Dronebuster has been extensively tested by the US Government for safety around Personnel (HERP), Ordnance (HERO) and Fuels (HERF), and has been certified to meet the safety requirements for all categories. 



Our expertise in RF systems design enables us to focus the directed energy effects where they count, on drones, not personnel.



Total protection from outside threats without creating internal ones. Certified for safe operations around all types of munitions.



Certified for safe operation around permanent and temporary fuel storage facilities.

Dronebuster Accessories

The commercially developed and deployed Dronebuster systems come with a number of included and optional accessories. Please contact Flex Force for lead time and pricing to satisfy your requirement.

Dronebuster Accessory Compatibility Chart

How to Buy

For US end-users, the Dronebuster is available for immediate procurement through the Defense Logistics Agency Tailored Logistics Support contract as well as Common Hardware Systems (CHS) and other contract vehicles. The Dronebuster® models each have unique National Stock Numbers (NSN) and the Flex Force part numbers.


  • Dronebuster SNA – 1340226384697 
  • Dronebuster Block 4 – 1340226384696
  • Dronebuster Block 3 – 5865016647864

For non-US end users, the Dronebuster® has been exported world-wide under US Department of State license. The Dronebuster® models each have unique NATO Stock Numbers and the Flex Force part numbers. Flex Force has an extensive network of highly capable and experienced partners around the world.

Contact us at for  more information, any procurement questions, or to connect with your local partner.

CAGE Code 5WE40

NAICS (Dronebuster) = 334290 (750 employee standard), small business

Selling Dronebuster

Flex Force is always looking for additional partners with deep experience in global defense to help expand our market presence. If you are interested in joining our global sales network, please contact us at


Since 2016, Flex Force has been delivering the Dronebuster family of radio frequency (RF) jammers for government authorized end use around the world. The Dronebuster Block 3 has evolved since 2016 with the same lightweight packing to have increased power and more effective jamming.  The current iteration has nearly 4x the power of the original Block 3 and a ruggedized injection molded housing and is easily differentiated with a black front end from the legacy systems (white front end).  

Leveraging improvements in electronics and a mission need for more escalation of force options, the company launched new Dronebuster product with an optional Satellite Navigation Attack (SNA) configuration to take over the drone’s navigation controls and an optional Command‑and‑Control (C2) interface. The Dronebuster Block 4 takes advantage of new electronics and is factory upgradeable to include the SNA capability or C2 interface. The Dronebuster Block 4 SNA is the highest capability man-portable counter-drone RF defeat systems available.

With nearly 2000 Dronebuster systems fielded with military and law enforcement customers around the globe, the Dronebuster family of products have a field proven pedigree of effectiveness against drones. Mil-spec batteries or connected vehicle power support the highest operational tempos. An intuitive user interface ensures minimal operator training requirements.

Whether looking to add mitigation capabilities to a secure facility, fill gaps in existing security infrastructure, or equip a dismounted user, the Dronebuster family of products are a trusted solution that instill user confidence. Flex Force’s Dronebuster family of products are used as components in an integrated anti-drone system and as hand-held systems. The flexibility of the Dronebuster provide C-sUAS systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers with options to meet their specific mission requirements. For more information on these products, please see below or contact us at