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Drone News, Policy Updates, and Critical Events

The global drone security and operations space is changing constantly. Now you can stay on top of the latest technological developments on both sides of the fence, hear the latest in policy shifts and updates from global and local authorities, and see where you can find us showcasing our solutions. Everything you need to know about preventing unauthorized drone intrusions in one place. 

Global Drone Incidents

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Policy Updates

Drone Jamming in the US

As you may know, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the United States controls the airspace where drones fly along with all the other aircraft.  Small unmanned aircraft rules (Part 107) were rolled out in June 2016 which provides operational limitations for commercial and recreational operators.  The vast majority of these drone operators comply with the FAA rules and operate the small drones safely.  However, some small drone operators are operating their drones in violation of the rules, and often times endangering other aircraft, or people & property.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulates the electronic bandwidth that drone operators use to control and navigate their drones and downlink the video.  Several specific frequencies have been allotted to drone manufacturers like DJI and Yuneec for this purpose. The Dronebuster jams these frequencies, which commands the drone to land or go home. 

The FCC however, restricts such jamming to the US Military and select Federal Agencies.  Regulations allowing State and local law enforcement agencies to use jamming devices is still pending. Follow us here to find out as soon as this changes. 

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