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Flex Force developed the Dronebuster family of RF jammers to address the expanding problem of malicious drones. The Dronebuster Block 3, and Dronebuster Block 3B represent the highest levels of performance for man-portable C-sUAS RF defeat systems available. With almost 700 Dronebuster systems fielded with military and law enforcement customers around the globe, the Dronebuster family of products has been proven to be highly effective against modified and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) drones. The Dronebuster Block 3, and Dronebuster Block 3B were designed to interrupt the control of the drone by overwhelming the control frequency. This causes the drone to either stop and hover, or return to the operator, depending on the model of drone. The drone operator has no control of the drone while the command link is being overwhelmed with RF energy. In addition, the Dronebuster family of products can take this one step further and also overwhelm the GPS / GNSS signal causing the drone to hover, land, or fall out of the sky. Both the Dronebuster Block 3, and Dronebuster Block 3B run on mil-spec batteries or connected power, and require only minimal training prior to use.

Whether looking to add long-range mitigation capabilities to a secure facility or to a dismounted multi-sensor kit for rapid deployment, the Dronebuster family of products make it simple. Both the Dronebuster Block 3, and the Dronebuster Block 3B can be ordered in configurations for integrated systems or for stand-alone man-portable use. The ability of the Dronebuster  family of products to be used as part of an integrated C-sUAS system or as stand-alone mitigation systems provides Dronebuster users, C-sUAS systems integrators, and original equipment manufacturers with the flexibility needed to meet their specific mission requirements. For more information on these products, please see below or contact us at

Handheld Solutions

Dronebuster Block 3B

The Dronebuster Block 3B is the latest member of the venerable Dronebuster family of C-sUAS systems. The Dronebuster Block 3B builds on the capabilities of the widely fielded Dronebuster Block 3 while providing extended range capabilities that can make the difference when it counts providing class leading performance in a small man-portable form factor.

Dronebuster Block 3

The ultimate in man-portable counter UAS. Combat Proven (TRL 9) and actively deployed around the world, the Dronebuster Block 3 disrupts unauthorized drones in seconds and weighs less than 5 lbs (2.2kg)


Safe for you. Not for Drones.

The Dronebuster has been extensively tested by the US Government for safety around Personnel (HERP), Ordnance (HERO) and Fuels (HERF), and has been certified to meet the safety requirements for all categories. 



Our expertise in RF systems design enables us to focus the directed energy effects where they count, on drones, not personnel.  



Total protection from outside threats without creating internal ones. Certified for safe operations around all types of munitions.



Certified for safe operation around permanent and temporary fuel storage facilities.