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Handheld Solution Accessories

The commercially developed and deployed Dronebuster Block 3 and Dronebuster Block 3B systems come with a number of included and optional accessories. Please contact Flex Force for lead time and pricing to satisfy your requirement.

Dronebuster Accessories ListPart Number
Operator/Line-Maintainer Manual, BLK3RAW10057
Operator/Line-Maintainer Manual, BLK3BRAW10759
12V Extension Cable, Cigarette, BLK3RAW10035
12V Extension Cable, Cigarette, BLK3BRAW10760
QRC (Quick reference card), Laminated, BLK3RAW10058
QRC (Quick reference card), Laminated, BLK3BRAW10757
Pelican case with custom foam, BLK3RAW10050
Pelican case with custom foam, BLK3BRAW10758
Soft case, Block 3BFIG11155
Soft case, Block 3FIG11177
Battery, BLK3 and BLK3BRAW10059
Li-ion Charger, BLK3 and BLK3BRAW10060
Combat Sling, BLK3 and BLK3B RAW10061
Optic, micro reflex sightRAW10948