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Flex Force Awarded Export Achievement Certificate

Portland, OR: Flex Force Enterprises was awarded with the Export Achievement Certificate at the Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA) from the U.S Commercial Service and Senator Ron Wyden. The Export Achievement Certificate recognizes U.S. companies for their exporting activities. It is presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s U.S. Commercial Service and issued to U.S. companies that have achieved noteworthy exports or exported their products for the first time or to a new market. Flex Force has been recognized for its tenacity shown around the globe, in international business development, recent success in the Indo-Pacific region, and returning the company to forecasts of 50% of sales tied to exports. 

As Flex Force gets recognized for its efforts, it continues to build solutions that protect the men and women who protect us. 


Flex Force is headquartered in Portland, OR at the intersection of the tech corridor running from Seattle to Silicon Valley. Flex Force designs and manufactures advanced weapon systems for the modern warfighter.  The company has a proven track record transitioning emerging new technologies into deployable, combat proven products that provide immediate tactical advantages. Core competencies include targeting, fire control, stabilization, electronic warfare, counter-drone technologies, robotics, and signal processing.  The two flagship products, the ASP and the Dronebuster®, provide the warfighter with significant overmatch capability.  The ASP provides 10x improvement in accuracy for crew served weapons and has been purchased by the US Navy, US Army, and UK Navy. The Dronebuster is in use worldwide to defeat drone threats.