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Dronebuster Featured on BBC

BBC Radio

Radio Hill executive Andrew Saxton spoke recently on the BBC Worldwide’s Click program regarding the recent attempt on Venezuelan President Victor Maduro using armed drones.  “The ease of use and proliferation of off-the-shelf drones… capable of carrying payloads up to 2kg presents a significant global threat” says Saxton.

While security experts have warned of this type of threat for years, many international security forces remain under-resourced to deal with such attacks. Addressing questions about how the Dronebuster safely addresses this threat by forcing controlled descents instead of destroying the drone, Saxton says “the goal is not to simply convert the threat into a different threat, aka falling wreckage. The requirement is to increase the safety of all…”

The ultra-light handheld Dronebuster, which has been proven in combat around the world, is the choice of the world’s top security professionals. Check out our products page for more info.

Hear the full interview here: