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Radio Hill makes debut at AUSA in Washington DC

Radio Hill Technologies has a great showing at annual AUSA Expo in Washington DC. Radio Hill CEO Jake Sullivan describes the Dronebuster to soldiers making the rounds at AUSA in Washington DC this month. The Dronebuster was displayed along with many other systems as part of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition’s (PNDC) booth. This was Radio Hill’s first defense show with the Dronebuster and we were thrilled with the attention we received.

The PNDC supports businesses large and small from Oregon and Washington.  Their commitment to a booth at AUSA 2017 allowed business members to attend the show when it would otherwise be too costly to participate.

Having a live Dronebuster block 3 allowed for soldiers and Program Managers from various Army commands to see, feel, and discuss what they’ve been hearing about.  Since the Dronebuster Block 3 has been fielded with the Army some months ago, all of them have been given to deploying units.  So this presented an opportunity for Army and other partners to see the Dronebuster.