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Dronebuster has strong showing at BIDEC 2017 in Bahrain

The Dronebuster had a strong showing with Middle East partners ZONE Advanced Protection Systems at the annual Bahrain International Defense Expo and Conference (BIDEC) last week.  The show represents one of the biggest opportunities of the year to collaborate with middle eastern militaries and partner ZONE was able to attract lots of attention with a live Dronebuster at the show and several demonstrations to key Bahraini agencies.

ZONE Managing Director Mal Fraser-Clay was kept busy discussing Dronebuster attributes with all agencies during the show and can be seen here in photos with quite a crowed showing interest.  This was the first time we’ve been able to get demonstrations setup in the middle east coincident with a major trade show.  ZONE is an integrator of counter-drone solutions based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.