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Radio Hill Launches Block 3 DRONEBUSTER


DRONEBUSTER Block 3 represents the best hand-held counter-UAS capability available.

This week, Radio Hill Technologies launches it’s newest model Dronebuster for Defense and Federal agencies.  The Block 3 Dronebuster is a culmination of feedback from multiple demonstrations this year.  We’ve expanded our jamming frequencies to include GPS, UHF HAM and well as the standard 2.45 and 5.8 MHz interruption frequencies.  More importantly, we’ve transitioned to digital control and amplification.  With a compact 5-antenna cluster we are able to ensure precise directional jamming.  The Dronebuster has significantly longer range than previous models and represents the most capability available in a hand-held jamming device.  Now weighing in at less than 5 lbs., the new Block 3 Dronebuster remains far and away the smallest, and lightest counter-drone device available to the DOD and Federal agencies.

We’ve retained our RF detection capability that was built into the Block 2 Dronebuster.  This RF detection allows the Dronebuster to detect drone emissions even in darkness or urban environments.  The LED lights on the back panel will light sequentially as the signal strength increases.  Precise daytime or nighttime interdiction is now available with the Block 3 Dronebuster.